Johannes Lengler

ETH Zürich
Dr. Johannes Lengler
Inst. f. Theoretische Informatik
CAB G 37.1
Universitätstrasse 6
8092 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 632 70 53
Fax: +41 44 632 13 99

Research Interests

To specialize on a very specific scientific area is the common approach for a young scientist. However, this potentially misses great opportunities. During my PhD I discovered that two different mathematical communities had been working on the same problem for more than a decade without knowing of each other. I thus believe that it is necessary for different scientific communities to talk to each other, and to understand the others' research and goals. My general aim as a scientist is to help bridging the gap between different fields of science.

During my PhD at University of Saarland with Prof. Ernst-Ulrich Gekeler I worked in the intersection between number theory, algebra and probability theory:

I have since then turned to several more applied areas, including computer science and neuroscience. My greatest challenge so far was to gather enough biological background to contribute to the neuroscience community:

I also enjoy working on evolutionary (bio-inspired) algorithms for discrete optimzation:

Recently I started working on random graph models for large real-world networks:

I have also worked on various other topics in computer science and mathematics:

Currently I work on
- learning in cortical networks;
- bootstrap percolation (the spread of activity in social or neural networks);
- geometric inhomogeneous random graphs (to model social, technological, and neural networks).

The following papers are available as preprint and/or under review: