Open Topics for Bachelor and Master Theses

We always welcome motivated students who want to write a thesis or student project in our group.

Usually, the topics that we offer are closely related to our ongoing research projects. As these change over time, we usually do not offer a thesis topic to be written 'sometimes in the future'. Thus, you should contact us at most a couple of weeks before you actually want to start writing your thesis.

For a Bachelor thesis we usually require that you have successfully passed either the course Algorithms, Probability, and Computing or the course Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Methods. For a Master thesis we always require that you have passed Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Methods (or something equivalent in exceptional cases). Please note that students of D-INFK have preference over students from other departments. Due to the current high numbers of computer science students this means that typically we will only be able to offer theses topics to students from other departments if they are exceptionally qualified.

FS21: This term Angelika Steger is on sabbatical and we only offer few topics that are closely related to own research. These are intended for highly motivated students. If you are interested in any of these topics, please contact us by email. Please add some explanation of why you are interested and why you believe you will do good at it.

Open topics:

Counterfactual Learning of Recurrent Neural Networks (Master thesis)

Disclaimer: The counterfactual learning thesis is very open ended and thus, it's intended for higly motivated students.

Path Decomposition of Random Directed Graphs (Master Thesis/Research Project)

Please also consult our guidelines if you are considering writing a thesis with us.