Journal articles

Explosive percolation in Erdős-Rényi-like random graph processes
K. Panagiotou, R. Spöhel, A. Steger, and H. Thomas
Combinatorics, Probability, and Computing 22(1), 2013, 133-145.

Black-box complexities of combinatorial problems
B. Doerr, T. Koetzing, J. Lengler, and C. Winzen
Theoretical Computer Science 471, 2013, 84-106.

On globally sparse Ramsey graphs
T. Mütze and U. Peter
Discrete Mathematics 313(22) 2013, 2626-2637.

General deletion lemmas via the Harris inequality
R. Spöhel, A. Steger, and L. Warnke
Journal of Combinatorics 4, 2013, 251-271.

On the insertion time of cuckoo hashing
N. Fountoulakis, K. Panagiotou, and A. Steger
SIAM J. Computing 42, 2013, 2156–2181.

Reliable neuronal systems: the importance of heterogeneity
J. Lengler, F. Jug, and A. Steger
PLOS ONE, December 2013.

Conference proceedings

Playing Mastermind with Many Colors
B. Doerr, R. Spöhel, H. Thomas, and C. Winzen
In Proceedings of the 24th ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA '13), 2013, 695-704.